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Because a beautiful, healthy smile never goes out of style.

A healthy smile = a healthy you!

A healthy smile not only looks good, but it makes you feel good too! That’s why Dr. Niki Cochran provides a wide array of general dentistry and restorative dentistry in Lakewood, Ohio.

Our services include:

Feeling nervous?

To ensure you are relaxed and completely comfortable, we provide nitrous oxide (commonly known as “laughing gas”) upon request before your treatment begins. It’s okay if you feel nervous – we’ll help you relax…Learn how to ease your dental anxiety.!

Honest and Caring Approach to Dentistry

You can be confident you are receiving the highest-quality care from your dentist and team.

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General Dentistry
The best smile is a natural smile. With our general dentistry in Lakewood, Ohio, our team does everything it takes to keep your natural smile healthy for a lifetime. This includes taking preventive measures to catch issues before they become bigger (and expensive!) problems. Some of our general dentistry services include:

  • Hygiene cleanings (recommended every 6 months)
  • Thorough, comprehensive exams
  • Sealants
  • Fluoride treatment
  • Periodontal therapy
  • And so much more

Our number one goal is to maintain a healthy smile. Give our office a call at 216-226-3800 and let’s talk about your smile goals today!

Metal-Free Fillings
Metal-free fillings can be placed in one short visit…Learn about the cost of dental fillings… using a bonding material commonly referred to as a “composite.” They are a more conservative restoration than traditional fillings and provide the longest-lasting results.

Additionally, composite fillings are:

  • Conservative – Metal-free fillings require very little tooth structure removal.
  • Supportive – Composite materials bond to the tooth and strengthen the remaining structure.
  • Natural looking – Metal-free fillings provide a beautiful, seamless look since they are color-matched to your current tooth shade. No one will notice your dental work!
Dental Implants

Did you know it IS possible to smile with confidence, enjoy all of your favorite meals, and keep your smile looking young?

Implants are artificial tooth roots used to replace missing teeth that have been damaged by decay or lost through extraction or injury. They are an ideal long-term solution to bring back function, contribute to jaw health, and help prevent bone loss in your smile.

Dr. Cochran collaborates with the very best specialists in the area…Learn more about a dental implant dentist near Lakewood, OH… who perform the surgical placement of implants. We also work closely with high-end laboratories to create excellent quality implants.

“Patients are really impressed with the stability and success of this long-term solution,” says Dr. Cochran. “They are so happy to have their full smile and function back again.”

This custom-designed implant…Learn what you can expect from your dental implant… crown looks and functions like your own teeth, offering improved maintenance, healthy gums, and an amazing appearance.

What you can expect

When it comes to your health and your teeth, our qualified and experienced dentist in Lakewood, OH, Dr. Cochran, provides comfort and care with state-of-the-art precision. A complete examination of your entire mouth is made using digital x-rays and photos to ensure your implant crown will blend naturally with your existing teeth. Because of their outstanding beauty and natural look, we use beautiful all-porcelain restorations in the creation of our dental implants and crowns.

For denture patients

Dr. Niki Cochran’s dental implants are also a wonderful option for denture wearers to provide that extra stability and functionality needed–no more worrying about the lower denture moving or slipping with eating and chewing! Dental implants are also used to anchor a denture in place, providing greater stability and functionality for you and your smile.

Dentures / Partial Dentures

Missing teeth? Dentures at CLE Smiles by Dr. Niki are an affordable, conservative way to cover your missing teeth. Your dentist in Lakewood, OH, Dr. Niki Cochran offers full, partial, and implant-retained dentures at her Lakewood dental practice. She’ll ensure your dentures are a snug fit with your smile.

Crowns & Bridges
With our metal-free dentistry, you can restore your smile back to its natural beauty and form with crowns and bridges.

Crowns: Porcelain crowns are “caps” that fit over an existing tooth to restore the tooth’s natural shape and size. Crowns are generally placed when a patient has insufficient tooth structure remaining, whether due to a large cavity, missing filling, or broken tooth. A crown provides a better seal than a filling and can last twice as long. For your peace of mind, we guarantee our Bruxir crowns from any chips or breaks for seven years, provided that you maintain your recommended recall appointments.

Bridges: A bridge is a custom appliance…Learn about potential insurance coverage for your custom bridges… made to replace one or more missing teeth and is a great option for anyone who may not qualify for dental implants. When a lost tooth is replaced with a bridge, the teeth on either side are prepared just like a crown (see above) – and serve as an anchor to hold the new tooth in place.

Root Canal Therapy

We understand hearing the term “root canal” may cause you to cringe. Maybe you’ve heard horror stories about this procedure or you’ve had a bad root canal experience in the past. Let our team at CLE Smiles by Dr. Niki tell you our modern technologies and gentle touch allow us to perform root canal therapy – without the pain.

Root canals are here to help you. How? It is the last resort to save your natural tooth. When the nerve of the tooth is severely infected, it needs to be removed and cleansed to bring your natural tooth back to its full function. If not properly diagnosed and treated, the tooth will die and an extraction is needed to remove it. Find out more about root canals here.

Talk to Dr. Niki Cochran and she’ll walk you through how you can be comfortable from start to finish.

Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Dr. Cochran is able to restore your natural bite and improve the aesthetic appearance of your smile through our full mouth rehabilitation process.

Full mouth rehabilitation involves restoring your teeth, bite, and muscles back to a natural-looking, more youthful condition. Self-esteem is greatly improved when your smile is not only functional, but also comfortable and beautiful too.

Many of our patients are unaware of just how easy the treatment can be! Your specific treatment plan depends solely on your individual needs and smile goals. You will work with Dr. Cochran to determine the correct treatment path for you and your smile which may involve procedures such as:

  • Bite correction
  • Teeth whitening
  • Porcelain veneers
  • Six-Month Smiles
  • Dental implants
  • Gum contouring
Emergency Care
Are you experiencing a dental emergency? At CLE Smiles by Dr. Niki, it’s our number one goal to get you out of pain. Please call us at 216-226-3800 and we’ll do our best to get you into our office the same day.
‘‘Dr. Cochran, and her associates are a very friendly, highly skilled and efficient team. I had a few cavities drilled and filled today and the experience was comfortable, painless and relatively quick.’’

- Michael M., Actual Patient

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