To the patients and friends of CLE Smiles By Dr. Niki

We are excited to see you in person and appreciate your patience with us as we institute rigorous safety procedures that will, at times, inconvenience you as they protect you. In accordance with the ADA , OSHA, CDC and Ohio Dental Board, we have implemented a new protocol for dental procedures and office visits.

Upon Arrival At Our Parking Lot

When you arrive at our parking lot, please call us and we will update medical and dental history and come out to the car to get you and take your forehead temperature. Upon entry to the office you will hand sanitizer and put on protective gloves and goggles. All patients and staff members will wear face masks or coverings while in the office.

• All patients and staff will have their body temperature taken upon entering our office.

• Unfortunately, no family members will be allowed to enter the office with you. We respectfully ask families to wait in the car.

• We will ask all patients to call upon arrival to the parking lot, also tell us if you need assistance in our office.

• Please do not come into the office until we hear from you. Then we can see if your treatment room is ready, so you can walk right in without having to wait in the lobby. Like most medical/dental offices, we will not utilize our waiting areas until further notice to optimize social distancing and please use the restroom beforehand at your home.

Please notify us if you or any family members have any symptoms suggestive of Covid-19 (fever, dry cough, cold symptoms, shortness of breath, loss of smell or taste, etc.). Even if symptoms seem mild, contact the office before your visit. Do not come to the office if you or a family member feel even mildly ill. Let us know and we will assist you in evaluating your symptoms. Remember, we are trying to protect you and your families as well as our staff and our families.

On your way to the operatories, we have multiple HEPA grade air purifiers throughout our common areas to constantly filter the air.


Upon Arrival At The Treatment Room

• Upon arrival at the treatment room, you will need to gargle with an antiseptic rinse 2x for 30 sec.

• With treatment we are using Hi-Vac intraoral suctions, extraoral vacuum systems and rubber dams, which may be more cumbersome, but eliminate aerosol with dental procedures.

• After treatment is done, we will disinfect the rooms and also use a fogger disinfector to spray area and have air filters working the entire time.
Finally, appointments and payment will be made from operatories and can leave then right after appointment.

• Virtual Teledentistry consults for follow-ups will be used in addition to any in-person visit to optimize convenience and safety. Teledentistry has improved significantly since this crisis began, facilitating virtual visits.

• Teledentistry will aid in safety and comfort to go over your treatment before you come in-person, saving time in the office, improving efficiency. Some insurances pay for this, please check your plan.

• All documents and forms that are routinely provided to our patients, including HIPAA/privacy forms, medical history and treatment consents, will now be provided to you electronically thru our website. We will use secure electronic signatures on any documents that need to be signed. In this manner, no paperwork will have to be handed off between you and our staff.

• Finally, tempered glass partitions and frosted operatory doors are being added this month for physical barriers and are aesthetically a new look for our new world of dentistry.

Thank you for all your support and trust in our office, we are here to keep us all healthy together!

Dr. Niki andStaff

We are excited to see you again…safely.

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