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Why Get Professional Teeth Cleanings? | Lakewood OH

professional teeth cleaning

Many people consider oral health as a separate entity from their general health. However, the two are actually connected, such that any problems arising in your mouth can trigger or indicate the presence of a disease or condition in other parts of your body, such as diabetes, heart disease, or dementia. Professional teeth cleanings are a vital part of keeping your mouth and body healthy and disease-free.

Stop the Spread of Disease from Your Mouth 

Your mouth is home to all kinds of bacteria, some of which are helpful in food digestion. However, there are also some harmful bacteria breeding in your mouth, which are responsible for tooth decay, gum disease, bad breath, and other infections if they get into the bloodstream due to delayed treatment.

Besides the bacteria, your mouth is also exposed to other dangers in the food and drinks you consume. To prevent these microbes from harming your body, your immune system is actively fighting the harmful bacteria to keep the numbers in check. Once the buildup of plaque and tartar is uncontrollable, it causes gum inflammation and bleeding, which is known as periodontal disease. If left untreated, the severity of gum disease can lead to tooth loss and the infection spreading to other parts of your body through the bloodstream. This increases the risk of diabetes going out of control, as well as heart disease, stroke, and dementia.

Visit Your Dentist Regularly 

You need to take special care of this environment to maintain the balance. Teeth cleaning is one of the components of maintaining oral hygiene, which involves removing food particles and dental plaque from your teeth in order to reduce the risk of getting cavities, gum disease, bad breath, and other oral issues. Daily brushing and flossing helps to remove plaque on the surface of your teeth, while professional teeth cleaning removes hardened plaque (tartar) and prevents the buildup of bacteria to such an extent that it overwhelms your immune system and causes disease.

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